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Challenge 05/09/06 [06 Sep 2006|08:58am]

We've been looking through your ideas at the forum  and have finally come up with a challenge which we hope you will take part in!

Ok the story has to contain at least 5 of the following:

* Clark is in High School and has been drafted in to the school play.
* The play - Importance of being Earnest (its my suggestion because it deals with identities)
 * He has to have at least a main role - you can decide which one.
* He fancies a co star
* He discovers one of his powers during the story - you can decide which
* He has to say 'Well thats just swell' at least once ;)
* A character from his future at the Daily Planet has to have some part in   
   the story - even though they may not know each other yet.

How does that sound?

Oh and you have a month :)

brief synopsis of the play
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FORUM [20 Aug 2006|03:48pm]

The Metropolis forum is now open and can be found  here

So if you have an interesting new theory, an overwhelming love for certain actors *cough* or just can't get enough of the latest fanfic stories.... let us know about it :)

We're also looking for 2 or 3 moderators so if you're interested, please let us know at admin@metropolisfic.com

(Pimping the site would also be much appreciated!)
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[18 Aug 2006|11:33am]

Hi everyone

Just posting to see how people are finding the site so far and if there are any comments? we're really interested in what people have to say about it :)

 At the moment we're working on a forum to go with the archive which should be up and running by early next week, but for the moment we've just introduced a feature of the week so that every weekend we will put the spotlight on a story for discussion.

Thanks to everyone so far for joining up and leaving reviews etc, its such a great sight to see :)

Hannah and Mlise
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[14 Aug 2006|06:48pm]

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This community is primarily for administration of the Superman fanfiction archive metropolisfic.com which will be going live in the next day or so.

Authors are welcome to ask questions about submitting a story or any other question based on the rating system or the content allowance.

dissident_dream and moira__c

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