Hannah (dissident_dream) wrote in metropolis_fic,

Challenge 05/09/06

We've been looking through your ideas at the forum  and have finally come up with a challenge which we hope you will take part in!

Ok the story has to contain at least 5 of the following:

* Clark is in High School and has been drafted in to the school play.
* The play - Importance of being Earnest (its my suggestion because it deals with identities)
 * He has to have at least a main role - you can decide which one.
* He fancies a co star
* He discovers one of his powers during the story - you can decide which
* He has to say 'Well thats just swell' at least once ;)
* A character from his future at the Daily Planet has to have some part in   
   the story - even though they may not know each other yet.

How does that sound?

Oh and you have a month :)

brief synopsis of the play
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Great challenge. You could get all different fic types from that. You could have angst or humor or self-discovery.
Thanks :) A few are up on the site if you're interested in reading them
I'm not sure if you guys know this but the site is down but the forum is still running.
Yes we're trying to sort it out now, thanks