Hannah (dissident_dream) wrote in metropolis_fic,

Challenge 05/09/06

We've been looking through your ideas at the forum  and have finally come up with a challenge which we hope you will take part in!

Ok the story has to contain at least 5 of the following:

* Clark is in High School and has been drafted in to the school play.
* The play - Importance of being Earnest (its my suggestion because it deals with identities)
 * He has to have at least a main role - you can decide which one.
* He fancies a co star
* He discovers one of his powers during the story - you can decide which
* He has to say 'Well thats just swell' at least once ;)
* A character from his future at the Daily Planet has to have some part in   
   the story - even though they may not know each other yet.

How does that sound?

Oh and you have a month :)

brief synopsis of the play
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